Beginner Class
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Here's how you get started!

We take the guidelines and developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic into account in our planning and in the implementation of all classes. Learn more

Looking for a new sports challenge?

Our CrossFit Beginner Class teaches you the very basics of our training and awakens your enthusiasm for the most beautiful sport in the world:

  • General introduction to CrossFit
  • Theoretical and practical teaching of the basic movements
  • Individual instruction in small groups
  • First CrossFit workouts

The Beginner Class consists of five units of 60 minutes each and costs 100,- Euro.

Mondays and Fridays, 7:45pm – 8:45pm

  • The next dates will be announced here shortly

Instead, you can book a private session of 2.5 hours for 135,- Euros anytime by appointment.

CrossFit combines a large number of standard movements in cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting into daily varying workouts. We provide you with a variety of functional training under professional guidance.

Here we take the time to carefully explain all movements to you, guide you individually and answer all your questions. You will also experience your first CrossFit workouts and will quickly see why training in a group is so much more fun. Together with other beginners you will learn what a correct knee bend should look like, what a clean and jerk is, what the infamous burpees are actually good for and what you can expect in everyday training at CrossFit Lex.

You can register for the next Beginner Class soon. We are looking forward to seeing you!