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As a result of the official regulations, the course offer is currently limited, the information in the booking system Wodify applies. We take into account the guidelines and developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic in our planning and in the implementation of all classes. Learn more

The full program: Stay fit with CrossFit Lex!

Every day except Sundays we offer regular group workouts and particular focus classes, so that you stay fit and at the same time can specifically develop in individual areas.You can sign in for classes via our booking system Wodify.
If CrossFit is new to you, you will get a first impression in a single session and then start with a Beginner Class. Enthusiastic CrossFitters who are visiting Frankfurt or want to break out of the routine of the Home Box are always welcome for a drop-in.

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Beginner Class

Come as a beginner…

… become a winner: In five units of 60 minutes you will learn all basics and find out what is important (to us) in CrossFit. Once completed, you’re ready for take-off!

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Your Workout of the day

Every day, and every day different: Varied CrossFit workouts in small groups form the heart of our course operation.


Team Workout

Stronger together!

The perfect start to the weekend: Every Saturday you master the Workout of the Day in a team. This is division of labor with great fun factor!


Olympic Lifting

Master the Barbell

Olympic lifts are in demand in many CrossFit workouts. In our Oly class you make yourself familiar with the complex techniques and become a pro at the barbell.



It’s about practice!

Time for the really important things in life: Handstand Walks, Rope Climbs and Muscle-ups! In this course, we work exclusively with our own body weight and devote ourselves to challenging CrossFit skills.


Fitness & Conditioning

…to go all out on it!

You love heavy lifts, but after 7 minutes you run out of steam? With interval training and long-term workouts, we bring your condition to fruition.


Open Gym

The individual add-on

You have some catching up to do, want to follow a lifting plan or improve your skills? As an Unlimited Member you can use our Open Gym Hours for all of this – and have a nice chat at the same time.



Find your balance!

In our yoga class twice a week you will find the perfect complement to strength and endurance training. You train your deep muscles, improve your flexibility and find your balance!


Personal Training

Just for you!

Here you have our undivided attention and advice. In Personal Training we work towards your individual goals. One-time hours are also available as successive units.


Corporate Fitness

Workout to work better!

Leaving the workplace together and tackling a workout – that’s good for the working atmosphere. We hold various offers for you and your team and are geared to your individual requirements.


Special Events

Workouts on every occasion

At this company event the trainee beats his boss. At this hen party, “Murph” is not a stripper. On this birthday Grandpa raises the bar, instead of lifting one at the bar: For events of any kind we come up with great team workouts.